Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday 21 November 2016

Canada Montreal Mission
Monday 21 November 2016

Dear Family and Friends:

Last week we went on Monday and Tuesday to a town west of Ottawa with some friends to visit their friends.  They have a house and a guest house over the garage.  They live on an island in the middle of a river.  They used to have foster kids, so the house and guest houses were really big.  I took a lot of neat pictures, which I’ll send.  We didn’t get there until late on Monday and had to leave about 2:00 on Tuesday, but we had fun.

On Wednesday, I met with our ward committee to plan the ward Christmas party.  It was moved forward from December 10 to December 3.  We got a lady in the ward to be on the committee.  She has been inactive and is recommitting to come to church. Elder Scott, as you know, is really into buying neat things off the internet.  So, he hunted for some fake veneer teeth to fit over her front teeth.  Her teeth are rotten due to maybe drugs, or lack of dental insurance. (Hope you are all brushing your teeth and flossing).  So, when you hook on the veneers, they kind of look like dentures.  You can’t really eat with them as they are over the top or front only of your teeth.  She got a lot of compliments at church.

Wednesday night we had YM and I had the young girls.  We made pizza again with the leftovers from last session.  Also, the girls did the sing-along like Jimmy Fallon does with themes like Star Wars and other songs.  I had never heard of it, but apparently the girls had and they enjoyed singing.  Apparently, there are apps that will double your face while you are singing.  I can see that I’m in a different era.   

On Thursday, we had a district meeting, then I took this same ward member to clean a prospective member’s apartment.  She is in the other ward, but we have visited with her many times with the zone leaders.  It’s been a month since we’ve known her and started to work with her.  In that time, she has started to read the Book of Mormon, started to pray, began to accept Joseph Smith as the prophet, stopped drinking tea and coffee, stopped Medical marijuana, etc.  I am so proud of her.  She really appreciated having us clean the apartment.  Her mother came over to see it later (we weren’t there).  Her parents had “disowned her” when she told them she was joining the church.

On Saturday, we picked up the ladies from our ward and the one who was getting baptized.  I made some apple crisp and brought some ice cream.  Another lady brought some egg salad sandwiches.  Another man also got baptized. 

Saturday night, we went to the Bishop’s house for dinner as his parents were in town.  I helped his mother with family history as I have several times before.  We found several new people, mostly children of great aunts and uncles.

Today, Sunday, we went to get the same lady so she could come to the confirmation of the new member in the other ward.  We left after her confirmation and went back to church at 1:00 after we picked up 5 people.  These people don’t have cars and probably wouldn’t come if we didn’t pick them up.  One is a family with some serious family issues, so if we didn’t take them, they probably wouldn’t get there.

Well, know that we love you all.  We are about at the 11 month point in our mission and we truly love the people here.

Elder and Sister Scott

The pictures:

1. Scenery from our trip west of Ottawa, Canada.  Very beautiful.  These are stained glass windows that the lady made from broken dishes.  She had also made an outdoor pizza oven and we ate this pizza—good.  The pictures of the family tree were made for the family by a relative.  I really liked them.  The bottom of the trees that look like elephant toes are where the beavers in the river have eaten the bark away.  Apparently they only want the top branches of the tree, but by eating away the bottom bark, the tree eventally dies and falls down.  Then, the beavers get their “reward.”

2. Pictures of the baptism with the zone leaders.

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